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Louis: Harry?
Harry: Um… you.
Louis: Thanks man.
Niall: [off-screen] You two are so cute.
Louis: Thanks.

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[x] The time Harry told a bad joke and Louis called him “baby” on livestream and then the others reacted like he’d said something he shouldn’t have and looked around to see if anyone else had heard it.

They all look toward where management usually is..

You can actually see the exact moment they heard him say it. Harry stops smiling and turns away, Liam turns shocked to look at Louis all worried then looks for management, Niall stops smiling and turns to look to see where management are, and Zayn actually turns to look too in the next few seconds.

Like, if people don’t believe Louis/Harry are together and that all the boys “joke” about with each other like that (though this was said accidentally, like it’s something Louis calls him all the time, not intentionally to play up for the cameras or anyone else), why do they all instantly react with panic?

It shows they’re all concerned with covering it up too, and that’s really important in understanding what is happening.

That fucking tag tho shut up u know they looked.

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